Ink sketch of the city of Edinburgh

In 2016 sketch artist, Carl Lavia, and photographer, Lorna Le Bredonchel began their epic 69 cities project - with the aim to create a portrait of the whole United Kingdom through large-scale sketches of all 69 cities. 

In 2016 the sketch of the entire city of Birmingham went on display at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We have now partnered with the Museum - a portion of every Birmingham poster sold will be donated to the BMAG fund.

The sketch of the entire city of Inverness was completed in 2019 and is currently on show in the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

We are in negotiations to place the Manchester sketch back on public display. 

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Limited editions

We are currently sketching the entire city of Aberdeen - the galleries may be closed but our art is still beating!.


Latest Exhibitions

The city of Perth

The sketch of the city of Perth, Scotland went on show at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery in October 2018. Completed using a mix of Technical and BIC pens on archival paper, mounted onto Dibond.


The giant Perth Sketch is a unique interpretation of Perth City Centre and the surrounding area, intricately detailing well-known landmarks and buildings and providing a rare perspective of the city.  The giant 3m x 1m sketch looks like an aerial map from a distance, but close up you’ll see every intricate hand-drawn mark and line which creates the urban landscape.

The city of Edinburgh

The sketch of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, went on show in the Central Library in September 2017. Completed using a mix of technical and Bic pens on archival paper. 

The sketch features a fantastic variety of architecture and attractions that span Edinburgh, and this piece provides a great new perspective.

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Edinburgh sketch

The city of Dundee

The sketch of the city of Dundee, Scotland, went on show at the McManus Art Gallery and Museum in January 2018. Completed using a mix of technical and Bic pen on archival paper mounted onto Foamex. 


As well as iconic buildings of the city, the large-scale sketch includes enchanting details, such as trains traveling from Dundee's new railway station, RRS Discovery and HMS Unicorn docked in the port, and buses driving down busy streets.

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The city of Inverness

The sketch of the city of Inverness, Scotland,  was completed in May 2019 using technical ink pens on archival paper - on show now at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery


Exhibitions officer Cathy Shankland was among the first to take a look.

 "It's lovely to have it here," she said. "I          think it is   going to take a long time            before it reveals all its secrets."

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The city of Aberdeen

Currently, we are at the pencil stage of working on the sketch of the entire city of Aberdeen - we shall begin inking using technical inks in a few month's time. Stay tuned for updates of when/where it will be placed on public display.

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The city of Birmingham

It all began here, the very first sketch in the #69cities of the UK project. The city of Birmingham, completed in October 2016 using a mix of technical and BIC pens mounted onto Foamex - on show at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 

and is now on permanent display in the Central Library of Birmingham 

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The city of Manchester

The sketch of the city of Manchester, completed using a mix of technical pens, one of our first large-scale works measuring 2x2-meters, Went on show in Manchester's Central Library in May 2017

The sketch covers an area as far north as Manchester Piccadilly station, as far east as Oxford road, as far south as Mancunian Way, and as far west as MediaCity, Old Trafford - every backstreet alley, every rivulet of the River Irwell, every edifice big or small......inked

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